08 January, 2016

Ambient Seismic Imaging Throughout the Life Cycles of Unconventional Fields


The AAPG "Ambient Seismic Imaging Throughout the Life Cycles of Unconventional Fields" e-symposia provides an overview of a new ambient seismic imaging method and applications of the method throughout the lifecycles (exploration through refracing) of unconventional oil and/or gas fields.  These applications include: direct imaging of hydraulic fractures, hydraulically stimulated natural fractures, stimulated reservoir volumes, and producing volumes; stress mapping in three dimensions before, during and after fracing; and Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) frac and reservoir simulation.

Newly developed ambient seismic imaging methods have valuable applications in each phase of the life cycles of unconventional fields.  Exploration, development planning, design of hydraulic fractures and refractures, reservoir management and production forecasting benefit from detailed three-dimensional images of natural and induced seismic activity.  The method also is applied to monitor production and waterfloods in conventional reservoirs, CO2 sequestration, water influx into mines, mine stability, mine monitoring, and water or CO2 floods.

This course is excellent for anyone interested in:

  • Unconventional exploration and development, hydraulic fracturing, geomechanics, hydraulic fracture simulation, or reservoir simulation

  • Applications of ambient seismic imaging to exploration and development of fractured or conventional reservoirs.

The instructor for the course will be Alfred Lacazette. He works as a Senior Geological Advisor for Global Geophysical Services in Denver, Colorado. 

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