10 October, 2015

What do engineers know that geologists don't and vice-versa?

Fundamentals Education Conference | Reservoir Engineering for Petroleum Geologists | 12-13 November 2015 | Houston, TX


The AAPG course on “Reservoir Engineering for Petroleum Geologists” is designed for persons who wish to acquire a broad understanding of the factors that influence the production of oil and gas from reservoirs. It will be useful for geoscientists, land management specialists, managers and others with no previous training in reservoir engineering. This course is part of AAPG’s upcoming Fundamentals Education Conference, taking place November 9-13, in Houston, TX.

A reservoir engineer cannot predict the production performance of an oil reservoir with any degree of certainty without a knowledge of the physical characteristics - the geology - of that reservoir. Neither can the geologist describe the physical characteristics of a reservoir and be sure of his work without considering the producing characteristics as evidenced by production and pressure data. The “Reservoir Engineering for Petroleum Geologists” course is an attempt to bridge that particular chasm, being an introductory description of the field and techniques of petroleum reservoir engineering. This course, on November 12-13, is taught by Rich Green, renowned engineering expert and long-time AAPG member, and is part of AAPG’s Fundamentals Education Conference, November 9-13.

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