05 October, 2015

One Tool We Don't Want to Keep Secret!

Fundamentals Education Conference | Quick Guide to Carbonate Well Log Analysis |13 November 2015 | Houston, TX


The AAPG course on “Quick Guide to Carbonate Well Log Analysis” provides just that – a quick guide that concentrates on methods used to analyze carbonate reservoirs. It is an advanced course and assumes the course participants are already well informed about basic well logging principles. This course is part of AAPG’s upcoming Fundamentals Education Conference, taking place November 9-13, in Houston, TX.

The "Quick Guide to Carbonate Well Log Analysis" course will be taught by well-known industry expert, Dr. George Asquith. This informative course begins with a short review of the basic principles of carbonate well logging, then moves into a series of lectures on the different carbonate pore types and the logging methods used to differentiate the various pore types and to determine their hydrocarbon productive potential. A flow chart is provided that will aid the participants’ understanding of the sequence used in analyzing carbonate reservoirs. Later, seventeen problems will be presented that will be analyzed by the participants. In six of the problems, they will be required to do some of the calculations. These hands-on exercises help to reinforce the principles being taught, so the participants can use these tools right away in their exploration prospects. Just one of the outstanding courses available at the AAPG Fundamentals Education Conference.

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