30 September, 2015

What rock data tools do you need in your Tool Kit?

AAPG Fundamentals Education Conference | RQ Toolkit – Using Rock Data for Reservoir Quality Assessment | 11 November 2015 | Houston, TX


The AAPG course on "RQ Toolkit – Using Rock Data for Reservoir Quality Assessment" is designed to provide a general background in optimized reservoir quality assessment using rock data (core, SWC, cuttings, outcrops). This course is part of AAPG's upcoming Fundamentals Education Conference, taking place November 9-13, in Houston, TX. 

Geoscientists interested in optimizing their use of rock data to predict and assess reservoir potential in siliciclastic reservoirs should plan to attend the AAPG Fundamentals Education Conference short course on "RQ Toolkit – Using Rock Data for Reservoir Quality Assessment", November 11, in Houston. Among the practical tips provided will be insights into "how to": 1) identify the key RQ issues in frontier to mature fields, 2) design an analytical program to address both reservoir and log issues, 3) work with and QC vendor products, and 4) integrate basic RQ data into geologic and reservoir models.

The importance of rock composition and texture, and its impact on porosity and permeability, integrated with basin modeling to evaluate sandstone evolution and predict reservoir quality will be stressed. The primary analytical tools currently used to evaluate reservoir quality will be reviewed as to their strengths and weaknesses. The instructor for this course is Dr. Joann Welton.

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