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AAPG’s Energy Minerals Division (EMD) will sponsor a plethora of activities at this year’s International Conference and Exhibition, Oct. 26-29 in Cape Town.
What makes the Woodford shale play work? Hundreds of wells are about to be drilled to determine if the play is a bust or the next Barnett.
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Round Two: The Coal vs. Gas battle continues, and the combatants come out swinging.
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What’s good for the Gulf is good for the mountains, too: 3-D seismic acquisition is proving its value in the rugged Rocky Mountains.
A beautiful enigma: The geological complexity of central Utah may intimidate some, but for many it projects a powerful potential.
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“Go West, young man …” and women, too, because there seems to be plenty of work for everyone: The Rocky Mountains beckon to oil and gas players like never before.
Unconventional resources such as coalbed methane will become progressively more important worldwide as population continues to grow at an unprecedented – and possibly unsustainable – rate.

The Energy Minerals Division is excited to present its technical program and luncheon for the AAPG Annual Convention in Long Beach, Calif., April 1-4.

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In-Person Training
Brisbane Australia 12 February, 2015 13 February, 2015 11170
Brisbane, Australia
12-13 February 2015

The aim of the workshop is to provide an initial overview of CBM opportunities in the Asia Pacific and to share and examine recent technological advancements in geological understanding and in key engineering practices which are emerging from around the region.

14 February, 3000 14 February, 3000 7813
14 February, 3000 14 February, 3000 7812
14 February, 3000 14 February, 3000 7816
14 February, 3000 14 February, 3000 7815
Online Training
29 October, 2009 29 October, 2009 1445
29 October 2009

Expanded package for CEU credit is $100 for AAPG members, and $145 for non-members. Special Student Pricing: $25 for Webinar only; $35 for Expanded package.

01 January, 2013 01 January, 9999 1473
1 January 2013 - 1 January 9999

Unconventional Resources is an online course that enables participants to learn about shale gas, shale oil and coalbed methane.

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