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Hot water, hot potential: The possibility of reaping the rewards of geothermal energy, especially along the Gulf of Mexico coast, is moving closer to reality.

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Move over, Mr. Barnett – the Marcellus shale is a tantalizing, unconventional play that stretches over a huge area and, according to many, offers a huge potential.
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What’s lighter than air and quietly vanishing before our eyes? If you said helium, you may also know that the hunt for its presence may be New Mexico’s next hot play.

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You thought the Grand Canyon was big? Sometimes it’s dwarfed by the ongoing flap of how it got that way.

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The SAGEEP meeting had 340 attendees from 21 countries with four concurrent daily sessions, consisting of 210 oral presentations and 31 posters.

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The time-worn phrase "everything old is new again" is an apt description for much of the revved-up activity in the oil patch these days.

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Wyoming has a number of firsts going for it: the first state that gave women the right to vote, for example, and the first to have a national park and monument (Yellowstone and Devil’s Tower respectively).

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It has a new name, a new energy and a new lineup of experts, all primed to spread geoscience knowledge around the world. “It” is AAPG’s newly named Global Distinguished Lecture Program – emphasis on the “global” – which dates back to 1941 but continues to be the Association’s flagship initiative for offering the latest in geologic science to AAPG affiliated geological societies and universities.


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Lee Allison, the state geologist and director of the Arizona Geological Survey, knows a lot about the coming need for strategic investment in data integration – and about how to succeed in today's political climate.

Field Seminar

Las Vegas Nevada United States 23 May, 2015 29 May, 2015 101
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
23-29 May 2015

For those who have not visited the region previously (or have not had the chance to tour it in depth), this field seminar will provide a comprehensive journey into the geological story of this fascinating landscape.

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