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Submit your abstracts now and be a part of history by presenting at ACE 2017 celebrating AAPG’s 100th Anniversary.

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Rise and shine! Start your morning off with colleagues, enjoy a great meal and hear an informative discussion from these newly added Topical Breakfasts....

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We are less than a month out but there is still time to enhance your participation at the industry's premier science-based conference and marketplace for unconventional exploration, drilling and production ideas and technologies.

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Register now and attend the industry's premier science-based conference and marketplace for unconventional exploration, drilling and production ideas and technologies. URTeC is the only event leveraging expertise from all technical backgrounds and focusing on an asset team approach to successful field development.

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Given the current industry climate URTeC is offering a special rate on registration pricing for displaced geoscientists and energy professionals for the full conference, including all technical sessions, networking events and the exhibition

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Explorer Article


Registration is now open for the 4th annual Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) to be held Aug. 1-3 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas.

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One of AAPG’s newest volumes was released just in time for the 2016 Annual Convention and Exhibition. “The Eagle Ford Shale: A Renaissance in U.S. Oil Production” continues the memoir series as Memoir 110. The volume describes the evolution in geologic understanding that quickly transformed a world-class source rock into a world-class reservoir, which produced 1.7 million barrels of oil per day.

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Explorer Emphasis


The key to effectiveness in horizontal drilling is geosteering, or guiding the bit along what have become continually extending laterals within precisely defined and generally narrow windows.

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Given the high profile of U.S. shale production, it’s easy to forget this phenomenon kicked off a mere decade ago, give or take. As the number of shale oil and gas plays proliferated, so did the naysayers. The negative predictions focused on the well-known rapid decline in production that occurs once these wells go online. Instead of an early death, the ensuing boom upset the world order in oil production.

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Explorer President’s Column


As we approach our 100th year as an association, the obstacles we face threaten to overshadow the mission. The struggle to adapt to the changing industry environment has dominated the landscape and AAPG is coming off a second consecutive year of declining revenues, with an outcome of restructuring and continued austerity. Despite these challenges, AAPG is leveling-off with a nearly balanced budget, and I remain focused on the primary missions of the Association.

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Short Course

Houston Texas United States 07 October, 2016 07 October, 2016 32633
Houston, Texas, United States
7 October 2016
This course is intended to help development geologists (and geophysicists) with 0 - 2 years’ experiences to quickly become effective contributors to field development. Workflow, well planning, support and post-well evaluation will be covered.
Houston Texas United States 23 August, 2016 25 August, 2016 13607
Houston, Texas, United States
23-25 August 2016

Here is an introduction to the tools and techniques that geologists and geophysicists use to locate gas and oil, that drillers use to drill the wells and that petroleum engineers use to test and complete the wells and produce the gas and oil. Exercises throughout the course provide practical experience in well log correlation, contouring, interpretation of surface and subsurface, contoured maps, seismic interpretation, well log interpretation, and decline curve analysis.


Houston Texas United States 05 October, 2016 06 October, 2016 30596
Houston, Texas, United States
5-6 October 2016

The goal of this workshop is to review mature fields and to identify the amount and nature of oil that can be recovered, and to evaluate competing strategies for economically producing the remaining reserves. In addition to looking closely at fields, we will review new and improved technologies that may help revitalize reservoirs and overcome problems such as low pressure, paraffin, corrosion, and more. We will identify companies willing to offer a “no money down” approach, or other forms of innovative financing. In addition to reviewing the technology, we will review case studies.

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