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Studying fine-grained siliciclastic deposits of late Middle Devonian in the northern Appalachian Basin provides an exquisite natural laboratory to observe the complex environments in which mud can accumulate. More detailed correlation and facies characterization of this succession provide a wealth of information and insight into the diverse transport mechanisms responsible for distributing clastics hundreds of kilometers away from a tectonically active source area.
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Desktop /Portals/0/images/_site/AAPG-newlogo-vertical-morepadding.jpg?width=100&h=100&mode=crop&anchor=middlecenter&quality=75amp;encoder=freeimage&progressive=true 10.1306/021417DIG17093 Sediment transport processes and lateral facies gradients across a muddy shelf: Examples from the Geneseo Formation of central New York, United States
Tide-dominated or tide-influenced coastal marine deposits form some of the most complicated and largest hydrocarbon fields in the world (Wood, 2004 and references cited therein). Good outcrop analogs can provide significant insight to geologists for recognizing tidal influence in core and interpreting petrophysical log data, thus reducing uncertainty and risk when developing depositional models and planning for field development.
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Desktop /Portals/0/images/_site/AAPG-newlogo-vertical-morepadding.jpg?width=100&h=100&mode=crop&anchor=middlecenter&quality=75amp;encoder=freeimage&progressive=true 10.1306/011817DIG17022 Stratigraphy, sedimentology, and geochemistry of the Upper Mississippian Pride Shale in the Appalachian Basin

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This study demonstrates the application of aeromagnetic surveys for locating late 1800s-era oil and gas wells in Hillman State Park. The study area in southwestern Pennsylvania offered several unique challenges to locating legacy wells.
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Desktop /Portals/0/images/_meta/meta_DEG_200x200.png?width=100&h=100&mode=crop&anchor=middlecenter&quality=75amp;encoder=freeimage&progressive=true&format=jpg 10.1306/eg.1221161600417009 Methods and challenges to locating legacy wells in western Pennsylvania: Case study at Hillman State Park

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Give your company maximum exposure to a target audience of qualified geoscientists and engineers connecting on all things unconventional. Grab your sponsorships for the industry's premier science-based conference and marketplace for unconventional exploration, drilling, and production technologies.

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A limited number of scholarships for ACE 2017 registration are now available to displaced geoscientists and energy professionals. Eligible applicants will pay just 50% of the standard rate for the full convention, including all technical sessions, networking events and the exhibition. Find out more!

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Independent geologist Denise Cox, president of Florida-based Storm Energy, has been voted president-elect of AAPG for the 2017-18 term.

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I have very much enjoyed representing the Division as its president. It has given me the opportunity to work with all levels of AAPG membership in the United States and internationally. AAPG is truly a global organization.

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The AAPG Foundation is committed to the next generation of geoscientists, from introduction of geology through hands-on programs to grants and scholarships that aid students with their studies.

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Application deadline is 15 May! Are you a US Military Veteran? Don't miss your chance at financial support to pursue your undergraduate geoscience education.

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Submit your abstract by May 31, 2017. Poster and oral are presentations welcome. We are seeking abstracts representing the breadth and depth of the Eastern Section.

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Desktop /Portals/0/PackFlashItemImages/WebReady/17ES-BlogHero.png?width=100&h=100&mode=crop&anchor=middlecenter&quality=75amp;encoder=freeimage&progressive=true 2017 Eastern Section Annual Meeting: Sept. 24-27 | Morgantown, West Virginia Abstract Deadline: May 31 for the Eastern Section Annual Meeting

Morgantown West Virginia United States 24 September, 2017 27 September, 2017 35121
Morgantown, West Virginia, United States
24-27 September 2017

Save the date for the 2017 AAPG Eastern Section Annual Meeting. The meeting will be held September 24-27 in Morgantown, West Virginia. Watch the website for more details to come. Contact Peter Sullivan, General Chair, (peterasullivan@yahoo.com) for more information

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John Bibb Hickman, Jr. John Bibb Hickman, Jr. President (2016-2017) KY Geological Survey (859) 323-0541
Craig Alan Eckert Craig Alan Eckert Past President (2016-2017) EQT (412) 395-3927
Patrick James Gooding Patrick James Gooding Vice President (2016-2017) University of Kentucky/Kentucky Geological Survey (859) 389-8810
Andrew D. Waggener Andrew D. Waggener Secretary (2016-2017) Triana Energy 304-380-0136
Scott Brady Gorham Scott Brady Gorham Treasurer (2016-2017) Seneca Resources (412) 548-2529
Craig Alan Eckert Craig Alan Eckert Advisory Counselor (2016-2019) EQT (412) 395-3927

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