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Exploration in the Putumayo basin and adjacent thrust belt, Colombia, has resulted in variable oil quality. To better understand the reasons, the authors reconstructed the structural evolution, the timing of oil migration, and the timing of groundwater infiltration in the region.

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Borehole images are useful for in-depth characterization of fluvial deposits in the Upper Cretaceous of the Piceance Basin, Colorado. This procedure is especially useful in the reconstruction of paleomorphology, flow, regime, and fluvial architecture.

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Tight-gas reservoirs that have experienced late uplift following an earlier phase of charge are unlikely to be characterized by primary drainage and are much more likely to be characterized by imbibition (the displacement of one fluid by another) or by secondary drainage.

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A flexible, object-based rock reconstruction algorithm reproduces the microscale micritic fabrics of microporous carbonates. Results quantify the importance of micropores in contributing to or controlling overall flow and sweep characteristics in such fabrics.

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Coal rank depends on the temperature of coalification. In the Illinois Basin, midwestern United States, coal rank is not dependent on thickness of overlying sediments as shown by vitrinite reflectance. Heat advected into the basin by groundwater flow contributed to the coal rank anomaly.

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Critical factors related to topographic, geologic, and hydrologic features are important for the creation and preservation of underpressure present in the Midcontinent of the United States. One of these areas is the large, highly saline brine plume of western Oklahoma and Kansas.

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The Devonian carbonate platform (Obj-2) of the Kharyaga field (Russia) is operated by Total since 1999 and produces 42° API oil, rich in H2S. A multi-disciplinary (sedimentological, structural, stratigraphic and geomechanical modeling) and multi-scale study was made of the field, integrating seismic, micro-resistivity log (FMI) and core data in order to characterize the reservoir.

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In virtually all regions of sustained production, the industry is steadily improving in situ recovery methods and reducing environmental impacts of bitumen and heavy oil production, especially those associated with surface mining.

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Oil spills get a lot of media attention, but the best stories are about the disasters that didn’t happen.
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Commercial interest in the Arctic has grown with declines in summer sea ice cover – since 2007 the extent of Arctic sea ice has been significantly less than it was in the decade after satellite measurements started in 1978.

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