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Alastair Fraser

In overcoming the technical challenges of oil production in the Arctic, are we making the most of a strategic resource or heading for an environmental and political minefield? The vast Arctic region is probably the last remaining unexplored source of hydrocarbons on the planet. Ultimate resources are estimated at 114 billion barrels of undiscovered oil and 2000 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. This great prize, in a world of diminishing resources, has stimulated both governmental and industry interest. Harnessing the considerable resources of the ‘Final Frontier’ is going to be fraught with many technical, political and environmental challenges that will engage many minds, both scientific and political over the next half century.

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No Elephants, But Plenty of Potential for 2014  
David Brown

A review of major oil and gas discoveries of 2013 shows a down year in terms of quantity—but that’s not the whole story.

ATC Back – And Bigger  
Vern Stefanic

Online registration remains open for a conference that’s been called the “best of the best” for its technical program and cutting-edge approach to 21st century exploration in the world’s most challenging but potentially rewarding environment.

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OTC – A Strong, Beneficial Relationship  
David Curtiss

Achieving AAPG’s mission to advance the science and technology of petroleum geology often requires setting a broader context.

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Arctic Projects: If You Clear It, They Will Come   
Brian Ervin

Icebreaking vessels are the key to navigating the Arctic, and so are in high demand as oil producers set their sights on the vast oil reserves at the top of the world.

Teams Prep for Crises   
Louise Durham

Oil spills are a potential challenge in any corner of the world, but the Arctic brings its own set of challenges to oil production and transportation, and so it needs its own dedicated technologies for meeting them.

Lessons From the North   
David Brown

Arctic pioneers will relate their lessons and experiences from exploring and producing in the frozen north at the third annual Arctic Technology Conference this month in Houston.

Challenges – and Rewards – Lure Arctic Efforts   
Louise Durham

The Final Frontier: The Arctic Circle’s vast, untapped treasures of oil and gas resources beckon explorers to boldly go, despite the daunting technical, political and environmental challenges.

Explorer Historical Highlight

Baku Had Its Origins as a ‘Nobel’ Venture  
Sigrunn Johnsen

Historical Highlights takes a look at Russia’s oil industry beginning with the pioneering efforts of the Swedish Nobel brothers.

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APPEX Regional Starts Strong  
Carol McGowen

Nearly 200 attendees from 29 countries attended the inaugural APPEX Regional 2012 event, held Nov. 8-9 in Istanbul, Turkey, and organized in association with Turkey’s National Oil Company, TPAO.

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