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Unconventionals Will Get Global Showcase at Milan ICE   
Jeff Aldrich

The fast-approaching AAPG International Conference and Exhibition in Milan will showcase – in association with EMD – a comprehensive unconventional resources program with global scope, ranging in scale from the nanopore to the petroleum system, exploring the latest in applied geoscience and engineering.

Regions Tackle Challenges in 2011   
Vern Stefanic

What’s next? Leaders of three AAPG Regions talk about anticipated activity and potential challenges their areas face in 2011. 

Shales – Similar, Yet So Different  
Louise Durham

Going global: Not all shale gas basins are created equal – but countries all over the world are intrigued by the possibilities.

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Pole Shales Estimated  
Louise Durham

A new study assesses the potential for recoverable unconventional resources in Poland.

Shales’ Complexity Boosts Seismic Activity  
Louise Durham

An added dimension: 3-D seismic data is an essential ingredient in operators’ efforts to understand the risks and nuances of shale plays.

U.S. Shale Expertise Now Being Exported  
Louise Durham

Deeper targets, higher excitement: Industry enthusiasm for shale gas (and oil) plays just keeps escalating – and the interest is going global.

Poland Silurian Shale Ready for Action   
Louise Durham

Poland is primed and anxious to have its fields on the world list of successful shale gas plays.

Database Gathers Europe Shale Data   
Ken Milam

European researchers, inspired by gas shale successes in the United States, have started a database in hopes of finding similar success for their continent.

David Brown

What’s lighter than air and quietly vanishing before our eyes? If you said helium, you may also know that the hunt for its presence may be New Mexico’s next hot play.

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