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Alastair Fraser

In overcoming the technical challenges of oil production in the Arctic, are we making the most of a strategic resource or heading for an environmental and political minefield? The vast Arctic region is probably the last remaining unexplored source of hydrocarbons on the planet. Ultimate resources are estimated at 114 billion barrels of undiscovered oil and 2000 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. This great prize, in a world of diminishing resources, has stimulated both governmental and industry interest. Harnessing the considerable resources of the ‘Final Frontier’ is going to be fraught with many technical, political and environmental challenges that will engage many minds, both scientific and political over the next half century.

Explorer Article

E&P Had Big Wins Despite Economy, Unrest  
Ken White

The way we were: 2011 was a busy year for the oil and gas industry – huge economic problems, yes, but a lot of great success stories.

Explorers Encouraged   
Louise Durham

There’s no doubt that an array of technology innovations have played a key role in advancing exploration activity and successes.

Regions Tackle Challenges in 2011   
Vern Stefanic

What’s next? Leaders of three AAPG Regions talk about anticipated activity and potential challenges their areas face in 2011. 

Explorer Division Column EMD

Report: A State of the EMD Union Update   
Jeremy Boak

Every six months, chairs of the Energy Minerals Division committees convene and report on developments in the areas they cover. In this column, we highlight important observations from these recent reports.

Explorer Emphasis

Challenges – and Rewards – Lure Arctic Efforts   
Louise Durham

The Final Frontier: The Arctic Circle’s vast, untapped treasures of oil and gas resources beckon explorers to boldly go, despite the daunting technical, political and environmental challenges.

Ice Isn’t the Only Challenge in Arctic Waters  
Ken Milam

Crews face a number of challenges in acquiring 3-D seismic in the Arctic. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions, too.

Ice No Longer Ices Seismic Acquisition Crews  
Louise Durham

The big chill: Arctic ice used to be a huge deterrent to seismic operations – but no more.

Brazil Discoveries Set 2010 Pace   
Ken White

Still standing: Despite the ill-fated Macondo disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the industry not only weathered the storm but emerged strongly, thanks largely to notable discoveries around the world. 

Arctic Frontier Demands Innovation  
David Brown

The circum-Arctic region has ample energy potential, but innovative technology is essential for future exploration. One research geologist explains the need for combining tried and true geology basics with new, creative methods to get the best results.

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