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The first jointly held “International Geological and Geophysical Conference on Integrated Approach for Unlocking Hydrocarbon Resources,” offered last October in Baku, Azerbaijan, proved to be a big success in terms of both content and attendees.

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A dirty shame: In a country where earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis are a constant threat, a deadly mudflow is wreaking havoc.


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Still standing: Despite the ill-fated Macondo disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the industry not only weathered the storm but emerged strongly, thanks largely to notable discoveries around the world. 


A year to remember: Here’s a look at the important discoveries that made global “hit” parade in 2007.

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Explorer Historical Highlight

When referring to the early Russian oil industry, one almost always hears the names of the fields located in the southern Absheron Peninsula, in Azerbaijan. Rarely does one hear about the oil heritage of the northern Russian lands close to the basin of the Izhma-Pechora River.


Historical Highlights takes a look at Russia’s oil industry beginning with the pioneering efforts of the Swedish Nobel brothers.

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In thinking about the future of AAPG and the petroleum industry, it is interesting to contemplate the frontiers we currently face and those we could face in the future – but it also is worthwhile to consider the frontiers of the past.

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