Field Seminar

ACE FT 09 | Spindletop Field Trip  
Houston, Texas, United States
6 April 2017

The Spindletop trip takes participants to the site of the “Lucas Gusher,” where on January 10th, 1901 in Beaumont, Texas, 100,000 barrels per day gushed from a salt dome formation. This discovery changed the economy of Texas and helped to usher in the modern petroleum age. The first six gushers in the Spindletop field produced more oil per day than the combined production of all the other producing fields in the world. The Lucas geyser, found at a depth of 1,139 feet, blew a stream of oil over 100 feet high until it was capped nine days later. Lucas and the Hamills finally controlled the geyser on January 19, when a huge pool of oil surrounded it. By that time, throngs of oilmen, speculators, and onlookers had already transformed the city of Beaumont. A new age was born.

ACE FT 11 | Deepwater Deposits of the Pennsylvanian Ouachita Trough: Fans, Faults and Seafloor Failures  
Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
6-8 April 2017

The objective of this field trip is to examine the deposits of an upper slope and slope canyon to deep basin floor deepwater depositional system developing along a Pennsylvanian-age fold and thrust belt called the Ouachita Trough. The units under study are part of the Stanley Group, Jackfork Group and the overlying Atoka Group.

ACE FT 02 | Upper Cambrian Microbial Carbonate Mounds in Central Texas (Mason County)  
Houston, Texas, United States
30 March - 2 April 2017

This field trip to the Cambrian microbial facies in the Mason, Texas, area will highlight several aspects of microbialite reservoirs including their composition, size and geometry. The Mason, Texas, outcrops afford spectacular views of both cross-section and plan views of microbialite facies, offering an opportunity for a truly 3-D view of the architecture of these potential reservoirs.

Short Course

ACE SC 17 | Principles of Mudrock Chemostratigraphy - Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG)  
Houston, Texas, United States
6 April 2017

This course will be aimed at geologists who study mudrocks, but the general knowledge base will be applicable to many different aspects of chemostratigraphy, mineral chemistry, and trace element geochemistry.

ACE SC 06 | Basin and Petroleum System Modeling in Conventional and Unconventional Petorleum (ADD) Exploration - American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)  
Houston, Texas, United States
1-2 April 2017

This course provides an introduction to Petroleum Systems Modeling (PSM) in Exploration, with both conventional and unconventional examples.

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