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Who knows? It’s a safe bet that carbon sequestration has a big future, but how that’s going to occur remains a gamble.
AAPG’s Energy Minerals Division (EMD) will sponsor a plethora of activities at this year’s International Conference and Exhibition, Oct. 26-29 in Cape Town.
An important deadline is coming fast for those who will be attending this year’s AAPG International Conference and Exhibition (ICE) in Cape Town, South Africa.
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Every presidential election features news stories and political ads showing the candidates engaged in vigorous outdoor activity. Whether they are chopping logs, racing boats, jogging, clearing brush or wind-surfing, the idea is to demonstrate that the candidate has what it takes for the top job.
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Second verse, same as the first: Headlines earlier this year proclaimed the Marcellus Shale as the year's most surprising play. Today the surprise is gone – but the play is getting hotter still.
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The AES Shady Point power plant provides more than just electricity to the surrounding economy.
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Round Two: The Coal vs. Gas battle continues, and the combatants come out swinging.
During the portion of my time in Louisiana that I administered the state’s coastal zone management program I attended a coastal zone managers meeting in Florida.
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Yes, there might be 250- 300 years worth of coal reserves in the United States as noted in a 1974 study – but new findings show the reality is that only a percentage of that coal is a viable resource, Robert B. Finkelman said during his talk at the Energy Minerals Division’s luncheon during the recent AAPG convention in San Antonio.
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In this corner, natural gas. In this corner, coal. No need to tell them to come out swinging – the battle to be the fuel of the future has begun.
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1 January 2014 - 1 January 9999

Learn to critically evaluate current issues that can impact growth and sustainability of oil and gas ventures.

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30 August 2012

The entire Middle Pennsylvanian–to–top Precambrian basement (500 m) interval was cored in early 2011 in the BEREXCO Wellington KGS #1-32 well in Wellington Field, Sumner County, KS.

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16 April 2013

The goal of this e-symposium is to provide an overview of the latest trends and technologies for water management for oil and gas drilling, completions, and production.

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19 November 2009

This presentation will review the results of ongoing carbon storage research in Kentucky by the Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS) and industry partners.

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27 March 2009

Join two GIS/geoscience experts Scott Sires and Gerry Bartz as they use information from the Teapot Dome Field in Wyoming (DOE/RMOTC program).

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