Michael Langeler - Preliminary Results from Wolfcamp Spacing Pilots & Microseismic in SW Martin Co.

Playmaker Forum 2015 Midland


Preliminary Results from Wolfcamp Spacing Pilots and Microseismic in Southwestern Martin Co. Presented by Michael Langeler at AAPG/DPA Playmaker Forum in Midland, Texas on 14 January, 2015.

In 2014 RSP Permian initiated three Upper Wolfcamp spacing pilots testing varying vertical and horizontal distances between laterals in the Cross Bar Ranch and Johnson Ranch areas. RSP also ran surface array micro-seismic along with downhole monitoring on the Cross Bar Ranch 2017 Wolfcamp A, Lo., and Mid. Spraberry stacked lateral test. These three intervals were then simultaneously fracked. The results of these three pilots and micro seismic have confirmed previous spacing conclusions in the Upper Wolfcamp, and led to new proposed lateral spacing pilots in the Spraberry.

Michael Langeler BS Geology Eastern Ill University 1979. Joined RSP Permian in January 2014. Various exploration, exploitation, and management roles with Sun/Oryx, XTO Energy, Cornerstone E&P, and Encana.

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