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The quality of AAPG publications is based largely on the voluntary efforts of the authors, editors, and reviewers. The AAPG staff will gladly assist authors and compilation editors in an advisory capacity throughout the production cycle, and will provide guidance for completing a publication on time. AAPG staff members send authors a laid-out, copyedited set of proofs of their chapter for final review. However, responsibility for all other phases of production (e.g., getting manuscripts from authors on time, editing sloppy writing, refereeing reviews, technical editing, etc.) rests solely with book authors or compilation editors.

Proposal Guidelines (PDF)

Proposal Application (PDF doc : PDF form)

Review Proposal Application

All publication proposals are reviewed by the Publications Committee, and should include the following items requested through the Proposal Application PDF doc | PDF form:

  • Tentative title
  • Format (i.e., compiled publication, single-author book, multiauthor book, map, or other)
  • Suggested Medium (hard copy, digital, or combination)
  • Names of compilation editors or book authors
  • List of reviewers (two per chapter) outside the book's author group. Secure reviewer commitment before submitting a proposal. (Consider the number of hours you and any coeditors/coauthors will spend editing your book. Reviewing and proofing a manuscript takes about 5 hours for a well-written chapter, and about 20 hours for a poorly written chapter, each time it is reviewed. Most manuscripts will need to be reviewed and corrected at least 3 times.)
  • Table of contents (including chapter titles and authors)
  • Estimated number of pages (text, references, captions, tables, figures, etc.)
  • Description of figures—please estimate number of:
    • Black and white line drawings or photos
    • Color photos or drawings
    • Foldouts
    • Other figures (please explain)
    • Note that inclusion of oversized figures in print publication requires AAPG approval IN ADVANCE because such items greatly increase cost of production. In some cases, authors will be required to underwrite these costs in accordance with the Publications mission of providing science at the lowest cost possible. If the publication is to be in digital format only, these costs are not applicable.
  • Description of target audience
  • Example of an analogous book, and its sales numbers if it is not an AAPG publication.
  • Sample chapters, if available.

Your proposal will be reviewed by reviewers designated by the Publications Committee Chair. Make your proposal as specific as possible because the AAPG Elected Editor will assign your project a page limit, financial budget, maximum number of color figures, and a deadline.

Books are scheduled to start production 12 months after proposal acceptance. Delay in submitting material to AAPG Headquarters puts your project at risk of production delays or termination. Authors are strongly advised to thoroughly brief coauthors, coeditors, and reviewers of their impending responsibilities before submitting a proposal.

Please be aware that you, the originator of a proposal, assume these duties:

Ensure first drafts of manuscripts get to you and your coeditors on time. Coordinate outside reviews. Referee technical issues that arise from conflicting reviews. Ensure authors make the changes to manuscripts required by reviewers. Ensure authors follow AAPG style for citation and references. Read every chapter of the book to check for consistency in technical merit, style, tone, and format. Review figures, and software for electronic figures, to Ensure they meet AAPG guidelines. Secure permission in writing to publish previously published figures from publishers other than AAPG

Review AAPG guidelines found at http://www.aapg.org/pubs/guidelines.cfm.

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