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Manuscript Preparation for AAPG Book Projects

Presentation of Materials

Text and artwork should be submitted on electronic media whenever possible. This will greatly shorten production time and help reduce the price of the publication. (See guidelines for Preparing Files and Figures and Guide to Figure Quality.) Please provide the original files plus 2 paper full-color copies of all unusual figures (i.e., oversized or multi-component) properly labeled to ensure clarity during production.

Manuscript Parameters
  • Use metric units of measure (include English terms in parentheses if they are used commonly), displayed using SI conventions.
  • Conversions are not required for laboratory measurements.
  • Avoid abbreviations.
  • Figures MUST be cited in numerical order in the text.
  • Geochronologic and Chronostratigraphic Nomenclature to be used in AAPG Publications
  • Each figure must include a scale.
  • Axes must be labeled on graphs.
  • Photomicrographs must include scale bars. Cite the length of the bar in the figure caption.
Maps, Cross Sections, and Seismic Lines

Each map MUST contain a scale bar, north arrow, and a sufficient number (minimum of one set at or near each extremity) of coordinate (latitude, longitude) points to position, orient, and scale it, unless its sole purpose is to locate in general terms a larger scale map. Each cross section and seismic line, as proprietary considerations allow, should be located on a map with the above basic information. If known, projection and geodetic datum information should be included. Satellite imagery, orthophotos, and similar metric photography should also be treated as maps. Authors are encouraged to submit, as supplementary documents, their maps originally prepared using the Geographic Information System (GIS) in a widely used geocoded file format (e.g., Arc Info, GEOTIFF).

Final printed size of figures is 7 x 9 inches or smaller, so illustrations should be readable at that size. Be sure patterns and/or symbols are easily distinguishable, and that patterns/screens are strong enough to reproduce well.

Figures to be printed oversize or in color require AAPG approval at the time of proposal review.

Photographs must be submitted as digital files.

AAPG will not return artwork. Please submit duplicates, and retain copies for your future use.


It is the author's responsibility to obtain permission to use any previously published illustrations. A letter of permission to reprint from the copyright holder must be submitted for all previously published figures with the manuscript before we will begin editing.

Permission Form

The above form is provided to help you gain permission to use previously published illustrations. It is a PDF and if you need a reader to view such documents you may go to the Adobe Web site and download a free copy of Acrobat Reader®.


Cite your references in the text and include complete information in "References Cited" section at the end of the paper. Use the following formats.

Single author:
  • Author's last name, initials, year, title of paper (with only proper nouns capitalized), name of journal (spell out fully), v. p. X-XX.
Multiple authors:

Senior author's last name and initials, initials and last names of additional authors, year, etc. Rank by author first, then by year:

  • Smith, A.B., 1974, etc.
  • Smith, A.B., 1981, etc.
  • Smith, A.B., and C.D. Smith, 1978, etc.
  • Smith, A.B., C.D. Smith, and E.F. Smith, 1977, etc.
  • Smith, A.B., C.D. Smith, and E.F. Smith, 1979, etc.
  • Smith, A.B., et al., 1972, etc.
Authors whose work appeared in large nonjournal publications:
  • Smith, A.B., 1974, My favorite rocks—a love story, in K.C. Jones, ed., Rocks of the French Riviera: New York, Anyold Press, 510 p.

No changes of content are allowed at galley stage.

Submitting a Publication

Copyright Pages

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