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Electronic Preparation of Files and Figures for AAPG Book Projects

Software Preferences

Preparing files in one of the preferred applications keeps production costs down, reduces the chance of error and omission of text, and increases the likelihood that graphics will be rendered correctly. For technical consistency, we prefer to receive files in the following applications:

  • Microsoft Word .doc or .docx
Charts and other Line Art Graphics
  • Adobe Illustrator or .tif or .eps, at NO LESS than 300 dpi resolution
Preparation of Files
Text and Tables:
  • DO NOT use graphics in word processing programs.
  • Save text files in their original .doc or .docx application.
  • DO NOT create or embed tables in the text file. Save each table as a separate .doc or .docx file.
  • Save graphics files in .eps format with a Macintosh preview (color preview for color files), if possible. Otherwise, use (in order of preference): 300-dpi .tif (color files saved as CMYK .tif), or the native format. You should not use LZW compression or high-resolution JPEG compression.
  • The printing process makes most colors differ from those you view on a computer monitor. Items that rely on true color fidelity should be accompanied by 2 copies of a color original.
  • If using Macromedia FreeHand or Deneba Canvas, save files in native format and export them as .eps documents. Please send both file formats.
Graphics in Canvas

Canvas files are NOT stable when converted to the format necessary for offset printing. We strongly recommend that authors avoid drafting figures in Canvas (Adobe Illustrator is the best software to utilize). If you must use Canvas, save your Canvas figures as Illustrator files.

A Special Note about Imported Graphics:

When graphics files are placed or imported into other graphic files (nested), it may be necessary that both files be available for printing or editing. Please include a copy of any graphics file that has been placed inside of another graphics file.

Media Requirements

Please label your CD or DVD with your name, contents, and book information.

Macintosh and PC-Compatible Graphics Software
  • Adobe Illustrator, any version (Macintosh preview recommended)
  • Adobe Photoshop, any version (.eps or .tif formats recommended)
  • Macromedia FreeHand (send both native and .eps files)
  • .eps (Encapsulated PostScript) format (depending upon Adobe Compatibility*)
  • PowerPoint is NOT a graphics program, do not send graphics in PowerPoint
  • .tif (Tag Image File) format (depending upon program*), 300 dpi

*Items designated with an asterisk (*) have translation limitations.

Miscellaneous Software
  • MathType (Macintosh)
  • Microsoft Excel (Macintosh/Windows)

Submitting a Publication

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