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Are you the author or compiling editor of an approved book project (and have received a formal Letter of Acceptance)?

Suggestions to Compilation Editors

This .pdf will provide Compilation Editors with tips and helpful planning points for the process of bringing together everything that is needed to publish a book with AAPG.

Compilation Editor's Spreadsheet SAMPLE

This spread sheet is a mock-up with fictitious names. Use this spreadsheet to track everything. It is conceivable you can easily have 8 manuscripts with at least 16 different reviewers, and different states of completion for each manuscript. Do not rely on memory to keep everything straight.

MyAAPG/PubReview Site -

This site is available upon request for compilation editors as a holding server where authors can upload manuscript files; reviewers can download, review, and upload reviews; and editors can oversee processes. E-mail to gain access.

Manuscripts Format

These guidelines provide editors with information about things such as file formats, manuscript parameters, and reference formats, among other things.

Files and Figures

These guidelines provide specific details on creation of text, tables, and figures.

Permissions Template

This .pdf will assist authors in getting permission to use previously published figures, graphics, data, etc.

A sample Review Form is available for you to download and customize to assist in the review process.

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Copyright Permissions

Submitting a Publication

Copyright Pages

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