Do you have an idea for a book?

If you would like to author or edit a book, and have a topic in mind, here are some things to consider:

  1. Is the topic timely?
  2. Will the content advance understanding of an aspect of petroleum geology and/or other aspects of conventional or unconventional energy sources, the energy industry in general, or environmental issues regarding the energy industry?
  3. Will you serve as primary author, or compiling editor, or a combination?
  4. If you plan to compile papers as editor, are there prospective authors with knowledge of the topic?

The Publications Committee is ready to assist you in the process. If you would like advice or have questions, contact the Chair of the Publications Committee or the Geosciences Director through the form below with the following content:

  • Nature of idea (tentative title if known)
  • Scope of publication envisioned (e.g., outcrop and subsurface case studies, or theory and existing models, or an in-depth study of the petroleum geology of XYZ formation/basin, etc.)
  • Any questions you have that can be answered to provide you with information to help guide you in the Proposal process.