Geothermal Map of North America, 2004

Edited by David D. Blackwell and Maria C. Richards


This full-color 42x60-inch map is based on terrestrial heat flow as the primary determination of Earth's crustal thermal conditions. Types of data presented are:
1) HEAT FLOW data, from published sources.
2) BOTTOM HOLE TEMPERATURE data, from oil and gas wells.
3) WESTERN GEOTHERMAL DATABASE data, which are thermal-gradient measurements in areas expected to have a high heat flow.
4) Auxiliary data include: Power Plants, Volcanoes, Hot Springs, and Plate Boundaries.

Glossy paper, with UV-fade-resistant inks, single sheet.
Scale = 1:6,500,000
Orthographic projection, centered at 90W, 30N.
Data and detailed references are listed on
Compilation by the Department of Geological Sciences of Southern Methodist University, with the Department of Energy funding. Production by the Kansas Geological Survey.
Product Code:423
Author:Edited by David D. Blackwell and Maria C. Richards
Release Date:Apr 28, 2004
Media:42 x 60 inch map

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