The Trenton Group (Upper Ordovician Series) of Eastern North America: Deposition, Diagenesis, and Petroleum

Edited by Brian D. Keith

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Twelve of the 18 papers presented here come from a symposium at the AAPG Eastern Section meeting at Pittsburgh in 1984. The regional facies paper by Keith was developed specifically for inclusion in the volume to provide an overview of the Upper Ordovician as a background for the other papers. The Trenton and Black River reservoir paper by Keith was originally published elsewhere (see paper for reference), but was included because it fit with the theme of the volume.

The papers are as diverse in their detailed subject matter as are the Upper Ordovician rocks themselves. Papers range from pure sedimentology and diagenesis to specific reservoir studies with many in between. The intent of the volume was to bring together in one volume the latest work on the Upper Ordovician of eastern North America.

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Product Code:1217
Author:Edited by Brian D. Keith
Publisher:AAPG Datapages
Release Date:Jul 09, 2013

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