Atlas of Coal Geology, 2nd Edition

Edited by Alexander R. Papp, James C. Hower, and Douglas C. Peters
The editors present a comprehensive collection of images on the geology of coal and facets of the coal resource utilization industry. Volumes 1 and 2 emphasize coal geology and coal petrology, respectively. Both volumes are on the same disc.

The 2nd edition of the coal geology volumes includes 600 images relating to exploration, mining, coalbed natural gas (CBNG), and megascopic coal geology. The coal petrology volume includes 489 sets of images pertaining to macerals and minerals in coals.

The geographic coverage of both volumes is worldwide, but with a decided emphasis on the United States (it being the primary base of operation for the compilers for each volume). The examples are provided as somewhat generic examples of geological occurrences, maceral assemblages, etc. and are not meant to imply that a certain example is necessarily typical of all such occurrences from that location, or, in the case of the coal petrology volume, typical of a certain age or rank.

Table of Contents

AAPG Datapages Discovery Series No. 17
Product Code:1212
Author:Edited by Alexander R. Papp, James C. Hower, and Douglas C. Peters
Publisher:AAPG Datapages
Release Date:May 08, 2013

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