Hedberg 3 -Understanding, Exploring and Developing Tight-Gas Sands: 2005 Vail Hedberg Conference

Edited by S.P. Cumella, K.W. Shanley, and W.K. Camp


The 2005 Vail Hedberg Conference was convened to gain a better understanding of the tight-gas sand resource life cycle by encouraging a free exchange of cross-disciplinary discussion among leading scientific and engineering experts. The results of the conference have led to improved exploration models and development and completion strategies required to exploit the vast North American tight-gas sand potential and emerging international tight-gas sand plays.
This third volume in the AAPG Hedberg Series is recommended for geologists and engineers involved in exploring, developing, and appraising tight-gas sand plays for a comprehensive updated view of this important natural-gas resource.
AAPG Hedberg Series, No. 3
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