DOTSEA - Deep Offshore Tectonics of South East Asia

Coordinated by M. Pubellier, C. Rangin, and X. Le Pichon


An incredible overview portfolio of printed maps plus CD-ROM, this volume is one of two deep ocean tectonics studies by an industry-sponsored consortium of French institutions.

Printed maps include -
1. Structural map of Southeast Asia
2. Structural map of Sunda block
3. Vietnam Margin: structure, isopach, bathymetry
4. Structural map of Sumatra margin
5. Structural map of eastern Sunda margin
6. Kinematic reconstructions

Summary book (32 pp.) includes - An overview document of Southeast Asia offshore areas, with structural maps and palinspastic reconstructions.
CD-ROM includes - Text and images (maps) covering
1. Eastern Sunda margin
2. Southern Sunda margin
3. South China Sea and Vietnam margin
Coordinated by M. Pubellier, C. Rangin, and X. Le Pichon with papers by DOTSEA Working Group
Societe Geologique de France (SGF) Memoir 176
Table of Contents
Product Code:850
Publisher:Societe Geologique de France
Release Date:
Media:portfolio and attached CD-ROM
Pages:32 p, 6 plates + CD

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