Practical Reservoir Simulation

M.R. (Mike) Carlson


This book uses a descriptive style on how to practically carry out reservoir simulations, written by a seasoned practicing simulation engineer. Mathematical development is kept to a minimum since this is covered indepth in many books and the literature. In particular, the author shows how to link geology and simulation input—the most critical aspect of successful reservoir simulation. The book covers all of the fundamental techniques that are unique to reservoir simulation, such as pseudo relative permeability. The second half of the book describes advanced studies, compositional modelling, hydraulically fractured and horizontal wells, EOR processe and thermal simulation with a heavy emphasis on steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD).
• Material is presented in an easy to understand manner
• Teaches the critical link between geology and simulation input
• Provides years of experience on how to screen input data in depth
• Starts with the basics and then proceeds to advance simulation
• Shows how to evaluate studies conducted by others
Published by PennWell Corporation
Hardcover, 8.5 x 11 inches, illustrations, 564 pages, indexed

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