MTH16 - Basic Well Log Analysis, Second Edition

George Asquith and Daniel Krygowski


Basic Well Log Analysis is a general introduction to common openhole logging measurements, both wire line and MWD/LWD, and the interpretation of those measurements to determine the traditional analytical goals of porosity, fluid saturation, and lithology/mineralogy. It is arranged by the interpretation goals of the data, rather than by the underlying physics of the measurements.
The accompanying CD-ROM contains digital versions of the data from the case studies, a summary guide to the measurements and their interpretation, and a simple spreadsheet containing some of the more common interpretation algorithms.
This Second Edition of Basic Well Log Analysis delivers a great impact on training and self-training along with superior workbook exercises, newer measurements, borehole imaging, and nuclear magnetic resonance in separate chapters, all directed to provide a guide through the lengthy and sometimes ambiguous terminology of well logging and petrophysics. It provides readers with interpretation examples (and solutions) so that the techniques described here can be practiced.
AAPG Methods in Exploration Series, No. 16

By George Asquith and Daniel Krygowski
Table of Contents
Product Code:707
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Media:Softcover, color illustrations, 3rd printing
Pages:ix, 244; accompanying CD-ROM

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