MTH13- Geological Applications of Well Logs

Edited by Mike Lovell and Neil Parkinson

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This book provides examples of the use of well logs across a broad range of applications. The "Technology and Techniques" section includes papers on logging in high-angle wells and on logging and imaging while drilling. The "Sedimentology and Stratigraphy" section, introduced by John Doveton (University of Kansas), includes studies from the North West Shelf of Australia, Kalimantan, and Iberia as well as from the North Sea, where important new contributions have been made on the wireline signature of mud rocks. The section on "Fractures and the Stress Field," with a review paper by Colleen Barton (GMI), includes imaging examples from the North Sea and papers on the characterization of fractures for nuclear-waste disposal.

Case histories in the volume come from a wide range of petroleum-related applications and from geotechnical and groundwater studies. Most of the papers were presented originally at the "Geological Applications of Wireline Logs" conference convened by the Geological Society (London) in 1999. The objective of the conference was cross-fertilization of approaches among a range of specialists who use well logs in their work. All users of log data should find inspiration in this volume.

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AAPG Methods in Exploration Series, No. 13


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