Essentials of Modern Open-Hole Log Interpretation

John T. Dewan

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This book presents modern log interpretation simply and concisely for the geologist, petrophysicist, reservoir engineer, and production engineer familiar with rock properties but inexperienced with logs. It helps you specify good logging programs with up-to-date tools and interpret zones of interest with the latest techniques. You will also become familiar with computer-processed logs generated by the service companies at the wellsite and office.


* The logging environment * Evaluation of hydrocarbons * Permeable zone logs

* Resistivity logs

* Porosity logs

* Clean formation interpretation * Shaly formation interpretation * Prediction of producibility

* Wellsite computed logs

* Recommended logging suites

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13 digit ISBN: 978-0-87814-233-0

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Publisher:PennWell Publications
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Media:Softcover, 6x9 in., illustrations, index
Pages:xii, 361

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