RFM 3A - Micas

M.E. Fleet and R.A. Howie

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Volume 3A of the second edition of Rock-Forming Minerals focuses on the micas. The first edition of Volume 3 was the platform for systematic study of the rock-forming sheet silicate minerals in the modern era of research but is now outdated by the enormous increase in the literature since its publication in 1962.
In this extensive and comprehensive review, the mica sections of Volume 3 have been completely rewritten, reorganized and greatly expanded. The text covers such aspects as crystal structure, crystal chemistry, chemical spectroscopy, stability and phase relations, redox behaviour and weathering, stable isotope geochemistry, geochronology, and igneous and metamorphic geochemistry and petrology. There are more than 3000 literature references, 350 illustrations and 260 chemical analyses selected to illustrate the diversity in chemical composition of micas.

Rock-Forming Minerals is an essential reference work for professionals, researchers and postgraduate students in earth sciences and related fields in chemistry, physics, engineering sciences, and agricultural sciences.
Geological Society Rock Forming Minerals
Hardback, 780 Pages
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