The papers and research results presented here have been prepared as part of the Integrated Basin Studies project. This project had the objective of studying the lithospheric and upper crustal processes governing the formation and evolution of extensional and foreland basins and to decipher the role of tectonics, sea level and sedimentary processes in the filling of such basins. The Dynamics of the Norwegian Margin module focused on the rifted sedimentary basins of the northern North Sea and off Mid-Norway. This prolific hydrocarbon province has an extensive industry and scientific database and offers a unique opportunity to study fundamental earth processes, from failed rifting to crustal breakup and accretion of oceanic crust.
A new set of models for basin formation and filling has been derived, including linking of sedimentary basin faulting to lower crustal deformation, signature and variability of syn-rift infill, correlation of mineralogy to seismic signature, nature and characteristics of volcanic margin formation and distribution of present-day stress field.
474 pages, GSL Special Publication 167
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Publisher:Geological Society of London
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