AAPG's mission is to provide members, other geoscientists, and, in some cases, nongeologists with timely and useful publications at the lowest possible cost. There are several series of books published by AAPG: Memoirs, Studies in Geology, Archie, Hedberg, Methods in Exploration, and general Special Publications. All AAPG publications go through a proposal and review process overseen by the AAPG Publications Committee and Elected Editor before being accepted for publication. AAPG publishes both hard copy and digital books, as well as hybrid combinations of hard copy and digital. Occasionally, books will be published that do not fall into a Series category, and these are published as general Special Publications, with no series number.

In order to provide the widest possible variety of geoscience petroleum publications to its customers, AAPG also carries titles from several other publishers, including the Geological Society of London, Cambridge University Press, and PennWell Publishing.

Memoir 100 – This 18-chapter volume is small enough to focus on the interplay among tectonics, sedimentation, and petroleum systems. Yet it is big enough to cover the diversity of structural styles in important petroliferous sedimentary basins around the globe, including those in west Africa, east Africa, east Brazil, east United States of America, Gulf of Mexico, South China Sea, the Russian Arctic, and the Mediterranean Sea. Release date: 02/2013
4054 M101-Energy Resources for Human Settlement in the Solar... 1plus4 Rotation
This memoir is a comprehensive and integrated review of energy and mineral resources in the Solar System, including materials that can both sustain future manned expeditions and colonies in space and support Earth’s energy and critical material challenges in the 21st century and beyond. Release Date: 03/2013
4072 M102 -Electron Microscopy of Shale Hydrocarbon Reserv. 1plus4 Rotation
The purpose of Memoir 102 is to provide a practical reference for geologists, geophysists, engineers, and students to gain a better understanding of the various state-of-the-art techniques and applications of electron microscopy for shale hydrocarbon reservoir evaluation. Intended for both specialists and non-specialists alike, the reference volume will serve as a practical guide for petrographic interpretation and reservoir analog studies. Release date: 10/20/13
Memoir 31 – A classic reference book designed for the petroleum geologist, field geologist, or sedimentologist, this volume emphasizes the importance of environmental analysis to exploration and production. Companion to Memoir 33.
Memoir 33 is designed specifically for use by the non-specialist who uses carbonate depositional environments in facies reconstructions and environmental interpretations. This classic work focuses on the recognition of depositional environments with extensive use of color diagrams and photographs of sedimentary structures and facies assemblages. Suitable for use as a textbook. Companion to Memoir 31.
Memoir 42, 7th Edition. The prime focus of the book continues to be the synergy between 3-D seismic data and the workstation. The author passionately addresses the widespread problem of data underutilization. Two new chapters and several new sections have been added in the 7th Edition, but basic data understanding continues to be stressed. Release Date: 08/2011
Memoir 75 – Covering a wide range of topics related to petroleum geochemistry and hydrocarbon origin, migration, and entrapment, this book is of interest to explorers and managers who want a regional perspective and the detailed information to make better-informed exploration decisions. The 21 chapters discuss structural geology, sedimentary basins, stratigraphy, and case studies of fields in Mexico.
Using Memoir 77, students and other workers with little formal petrographic training should be able to examine thin sections or acetate peels under the microscope and interpret the main rock constituents and their depositional and diagenetic history. Designed to help deal with challenges in identifying skeletal grains, it includes a wide variety of examples of commonly encountered skeletal and nonskeletal grains, cements, fabrics, and porosity types and keys to grain identification.
Memoir 79 documents a wide range of research on this vast area. Of the 44 papers, roughly two-thirds pertain to the Mexican portion of the Gulf of Mexico, and to the petroliferous areas of the southern Caribbean. The remaining papers relate to the Antilles and Central America, as well as a series of papers that address region-wide topics such as plate tectonic evolution.
Memoir 80 provides an overview of current approaches used in the development of geologically constrained and integrated reservoir models. Topics addressed are the process of creating a reservoir model through the development and incorporation of an analog, extracting the quantitative input parameters on lateral and vertical variability, and the development and modification of a 3-D reservoir model.
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