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HoD Has a Full Slate to Consider in Houston

Larry Wickstrom
Larry Wickstrom

The annual meeting of the House of Delegates (HoD) will be held in conjunction with the AAPG Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE), set this year in big and beautiful Houston.

The HoD meeting will begin at 8 a.m. Sunday, April 6, in the Lanier Ballroom of the Hilton Americas-Houston hotel.

All AAPG members are welcome to attend in the gallery area.

Your HoD officers and committees, with support from our AAPG staff, have been busy throughout this past year working through many items in preparation for this important meeting, when the HoD will consider issues brought forward by the Resolutions Committee, the Rules and Procedures Committee and a bylaws amendment from the Executive Committee.

If you are interested in the governance of AAPG, I encourage you to visit the HoD section of the AAPG website and read the last couple issues of the Delegates’ Voice – it is open to all.

The main items to be voted on during the House meeting include:

Requests for Affiliated Society status for the Geological Society of Brunei Darussalam and Sociedad Colombiana de Geologia (Colombian Geological Society).

Suggested housekeeping changes to the HoD Rules and Procedures.

A motion to amend the AAPG Bylaws eliminating the sponsorship requirement for full membership in the Association.

The motion for the bylaws change came to the House via a resolution from the Advisory Council (which is charged with the Association’s long-range planning) to the Executive Committee. After deliberation, the Executive Committee passed a resolution to the House of Delegates to bring it to the floor for a vote.

The specifics of the proposed bylaws amendment can be found on the AAPG website. There also are a number of editorials both pro and con on this proposal in the Delegates’ Voice.

The HoD meeting is the ONLY time and place that you can receive a comprehensive group of reports on the status of AAPG, including membership, finances, publications, the AAPG Foundation and the AAPG Divisions.

We’ll hear from AAPG President Lee Krystinik, AAPG Executive Director David Curtiss, the presidents of the AAPG Divisions, and candidates for president of the Association – all providing information that delegates can then take with them back to their local affiliates.

We also will hold elections for new HoD officers. This year’s candidates are:

HoD Chair-Elect
  • Steve Goolsby, independent geologist, Denver.
  • Robert Shoup, consulting geologist and manager at SCA, Singapore & Houston.
  • Thomas C. Anderson, geologist, University of Utah, Salt Lake City.
  • Kara C. Bennett, consulting geologist, Houston.

Under new business this year we look forward to discussing a couple of other new options for HoD meetings:

Implementation of an electronic audience response (voting) system for our meeting. This really could help streamline the voting and polling process – and add a little more fun to our meeting.

Setting up procedures and technology to allow for electronic voting during the year (so the House can vote on minor issues at times other than at the annual meeting).

Setting up the means to allow for limited remote attendance and voting by delegates at our annual meetings.

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