‘Energy Elevated’ Theme for RMS Annual Meeting

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

“Energy Elevated” is the theme for this year’s Rocky Mountain Section annual meeting, which will be held Sept. 22-24 in Salt Lake City.

The technical program features more than 130 oral and poster presentations covering such diverse topics as:

  • Unconventional resource plays (including specific talks on the Uteland Butte, Mancos Shale, Bakken Shale and the Niobrara Formation).
  • New resource plays (including specific talks on the Mowry Shale, emerging central Utah thrust belt exploration and the Great Basin’s “underappreciated” Middle Mississippian unconformity).
  • Lacustrine basins and microbial carbonates.
  • Tight oil and gas plays.
  • Geothermal resources.
  • Emerging plays and new discoveries.

The program also offers a special session that focuses on “old but still producing great oil and gas fields in the Rockies,” eight core posters plus two forums – one dealing with gas marketing and another dealing with energy policy (related story) .

“These forums will afford the opportunity for attendees to interact with panels of leading policy and gas marketing experts,” said Tom Chidsey, the technical program chair.

“The program offers something new, old, innovative and unique that can elevate everyone’s understanding of energy demands and challenges,” he added.

Other meeting highlights include:

  • Five field trips and four short courses.
  • A “More! Rocks In Hour Head” workshop for teachers.
  • Two luncheons: The All-Convention luncheon features Rebecca Williams, Planetary Science Institute, talking about “Roving the Red Planet: A Field Geologist Explores Gale Crater,” and the DPA luncheon features Rick Allis, Utah state geologist and director of the Utah Geological Survey, talking about “Our Transforming Energy Sector – A Utah Perspective on Trends and Changes.”

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