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Bookmarks – A Handy Tool

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
Click on the bookmark to the right to see the way this tool works.
Click on the bookmark to the right to see the way this tool works.

Ever created a wish list on Amazon?

Ever added a bookmark to your browser?

Do you organize your bookmarks by topic for ease of access?

With all the information that is being pushed our way, a good bookmark system goes a long way toward finding and reviewing information that matters to each of us.

That’s a big reason why AAPG has provided site bookmarks.

When you access your profile on the new AAPG website you may have noticed the bookmark feature under “Actions.” It has an icon that looks like a bookmark and it is labeled “My AAPG Bookmarks.”

Yes, this is where your site bookmarks are stored and organized.

And we have some suggestions for how you can effectively populate these, making a visit to the AAPG website more satisfying.

Saving an AAPG Bookmark

When the bookmark icon is displaying in the right-hand column of a Web page it will have the same graphic associated with it that you have on your profile. The label underneath, however, says “Bookmark This.”

When you click on it you’ll be prompted to “Add a new collection.” Simply type in the name for your collection and click the “Add New Collection” button.

In the example we’ve provided, this button is on an EXPLORER article and the collection created is “Read for later.”

If you have notes that you’d like to accompany your bookmark you can add these and then click the “Add Now” button – and now they’ll be right where you need them.

Upon returning to the profile interface and clicking on the “My AAPG Bookmarks” button you’ll find listed there your collection – and from there the article you bookmarked.

This is a handy way to gather EXPLORER articles of interest to you.

Similarly you’ll be able to bookmark training opportunities you might be attending.

Since our workshops and forums tend to go through stages of information provided, this is a handy way to quickly go to the updates you need each time you return to the AAPG website.

Good browsing!

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AAPG Center Show-n-Tell

Going to the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Houston this month?

So are we – and we’d love to meet you there.

The AAPG Web team will be part of displays and information offered at the AAPG Center in the exhibition hall, located near the medicine wagon – you’ll know it when you see it!

Each morning and afternoon we’ll be giving a presentation that features the new AAPG website and its tools – and show you how to have an effective and stress-free website experience when visiting us online.

Also, personnel will be onsite to answer your questions and help you set up your AAPG website profile.

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