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American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Like to look at pretty and dramatic photos of the Earth’s beauty?

Like to have other people look at your pretty and dramatic photos?

If so, AAPG’s Pinterest site is the place for you.

Over the past year a growing number of members have discovered our connection to Pinterest connection, a website where people can share great photos from all over the world.

And as every geologist knows, the Earth is a beautiful place filled with wonders that defy descriptions.

Some of you have used the AAPG Pinterest boards to enjoy the photos found there. Others have contributed to our “Crowdsourced Geology” board – and to those who have contributed your photos to our board, thank you!

On these pages are some photos you can find on our Pinterest page.

So whether you’re a sharer or simply a browser, check out the site.

Either scan the QR code visit the AAPG piterest page to view or contribute.

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