Graduated Dues Are Now In Effect

AAPG’s graduated dues program is now in effect – and that means there are major changes to the next dues statement you will receive.

The graduated dues program affords three levels of dues, all based on individual members’ annual personal gross income (PGI). Dues will no longer be based upon type of membership (excluding Students).

Details of the graduated dues program include:

  • Level 1 dues – $80 for North America, $90 if outside North America (annual income greater than $50,000). Members can receive the BULLETIN either online with a CD, or in print, and the EXPLORER in print.
  • Level 2 dues – $40 for North America, $50 if outside North America (annual income greater than $25,000, but less than $50,000). Members receive the BULLETIN online only, plus the EXPLORER in print.
  • Level 3 dues – $20 (annual income less than $25,000). Members have access to the online versions of the BULLETIN and EXPLORER.

All annual income amounts are based on and equivalent to U.S. dollars.

All members (applicants) with addresses outside North American who select Levels 1 or 2 must pay the additional $10 mail surcharge to receive the print editions of the BULLETIN and EXPLORER.

Levels 2 and 3 may purchase PRINT copies of BULLETIN and EXPLORER for additional annual added fee(s).

Members wishing to contribute to the Foundation via their dues statement also will have greater choice and flexibility regarding distribution of their gifts (select funds will be listed on the back of the statement).

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