Sections Announce Technical Winners

AI. Levorsen Award winners have been announced by two AAPG Sections, in addition to the winner of the best poster award at a third Section.

    Angela McDonnell, with the Bureau of Economic Geology, Austin, Texas, won the Levorsen Award for “Importance of Allochthonous Salt in Texas State Waters: Paleo-Canopy Presence and New Exploration Paradigms.”

    Her co-authors are Mike Hudec and Martin P.A. Jackson, both also with the BEG in Austin.
Rocky Mountain Section
    Vincent Rigatti, with Questar Exploration and Production, Denver, won the Levorsen Award for “The Vermillion Basin of Southwest Wyoming/Northwest Colorado: Structural Styles and Seismic Pore Pressure Prediction Through Over-Pressure.”

    His co-authors are Tony LeFevre, Richard Newhart, Kimberly Kaiser and Scott Goodwin, all with Questar, and Robert Parney of Tricon Geophysics, Denver.
Mid-Continent Section
    Brian W. Wilhite, S.J. Mazzullo, I. Wayne Woolsey, Dean Pattison, Marc Summervill andKimberly Dimmick-Wells, all of Wichita, Kan., won the Planalp Award for the poster “Paleo-Oceanography and Depositional Framework of the Cowley Facies in South-Central Kansas: Solution to the ‘Cowley Problem.’”

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