New Website Due This Month

A new year is here, and the new look is about to arrive.

As reported, the AAPG website appearance will be dramatically different in January. The exact date was unknown at press time, but when it happens it will be sudden and fast – there will be no gradual move from the current site to the new.

The new design is intended to provide all members with a better website experience – the place for you to begin finding, talking, collaborating and contributing more to your career, this Association and the petroleum geosciences.

AAPG does a lot of things – and the website will be designed to get the information about every single one of them into the hands of our membership and the world.

And beyond the crucial need for information – about the Association, membership, industry and profession – the new design will place a priority on the science of geology that inspired the forming of AAPG.

Science is the star of the new website.

There will be a feature page specific to scientific disciplines. It will feature articles from not only the publicly available EXPLORER but also from the scientific papers presented at meetings, articles published in books and the BULLETIN, and as the discussion forums develop, the content that is being shared there.

All content on the site will be categorized in such a way to cause events, training, information, and even people sort into these disciplines.

The Profile’s the Thing

Critical to your experience in using the site will be the login. Members and nonmembers alike are encouraged to register to use the site because your comments and observations within the site will shape it for the world.

Look for the login button and take the time to build your profile.

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