Do You Have a Favorite Geoscience Paper?

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

AAPG will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2017, and there are a number of projects planned to commemorate our centennial – including an initiative to develop a list of the “top 100” geoscience papers.

We are looking for papers that really made a difference in how we think, view things and do things – papers that changed paradigms. Although a number of committees have been created to solicit and review papers in different geoscience sub-disciplines, we are seeking input from our broader membership for this important project.

The papers do not have to be AAPG articles and could have been published in any geoscience journal. They should, however, bear relevance to the petroleum geosciences.

Do you have a favorite paper, a paper that made a difference in how you think or approach problems or in your fundamental understanding of the geosciences?

If so, please send an email with your list of “papers that made a difference” to .

In addition to the title and organization that originally published it, please include a short summary, including what geoscience sub-discipline it is relevant to, and why it should be a “top 100” paper.

Considerations when nominating a paper include:

  • The significant contribution made.
  • The change it made in how we think or do geoscience.
  • The paradigm it changed (if any; not all papers worthy of being nominated necessarily created a paradigm shift).
  • The breadth of application of the contribution (regional or global).
  • Evidence of how this contribution has made a lasting impact.

Each of the papers ultimately chosen to be in the “top 100,” along with a short summary or chart indicating why it is a “top 100” paper, will be published on a digital media and given to all 2017 – 100th anniversary ACE and ICE attendees. 

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