Member Dues Statements Are Coming Your Way

AAPG annual dues statements for 2012-13 are ready and will be coming your way soon, boasting a new look and new information for all members.

The changes were implemented based on input that we’ve received from various members and committees, as well as from a thorough review of our operational procedures. Simplification was our primary objective, and it was determined these significant changes would benefit the vast majority of our membership.

Those changes include:

This year’s dues statements are smaller in size, easier to understand and, for the first time in decades, will be arriving without accompanying member cards. Members have had the option to access/print both a member card and receipt online via MEMBERS ONLY for several years now, and these options remain accessible year round.

Beginning this year, however, members who want to receive the standard card will be required to check the appropriate box, whether renewing online or returning payment with the statement. 

Members wishing to utilize our Graduated Dues Structure now will be required to remit payment online – or contact AAPG to have a revised statement provided to them. 

The suggested Foundation contribution (based on $2 per year of membership) will still appear on the statement, as will the (optional) opportunity to contribute to the GEO-DC office.

Members will see a slight increase in dues (see President’s Column, page 3). 

Members wanting to receive hard copies of the BULLETIN will be required to pay a $50 print fee (in addition to basic dues) plus applicable mail surcharge(s). 

Student members will no longer receive print copies of the EXPLORER, but will have online access beginning with the July issue.  

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