Online ACE Registration Opens This Month

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Registration will open in mid-December for the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, set April 10-13 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston.

The meeting theme will be “Making the Next Giant Leap in Geosciences,” a topic that will embrace not only domestic but also international activities, research and advances in the geosciences.

The official meeting announcement – which contains both registration information and the complete technical program – will be mailed along with the January EXPLORER.

Also included in the announcement will be detailed information on the luncheon speakers, field trips, short courses, special forums, spouse and entertainment activities, lodging options and general information about Houston and the surrounding area.

The technical program will comprise 11 themes:

♦Molecules to Marketplace: The Business of Energy – business energy experts from domestic and international companies will discuss active oil and gas trends, price, demand and advice on what might happen in the future.

♦ Global Deepwater Reservoirs: Giant Leaps in E&P – state-of-the-art geoscience investigating deepwater reservoir studies and deepwater depositional environments in fields located offshore of the Gulf of Mexico and Africa.

♦ Worldwide E&P: Opportunities in the New Decade – a look at significant new plays and studies of geological trends, onshore and offshore, from countries of the world including the Americas, Brazil, Middle East and Asia.

♦Challenged Resource Frontiers – a look at multidisciplinary aspects related to the characterization, assessment and understanding of gas and oil resources from less-than-conventional reservoir systems in both the U.S. and international arena.

♦Mudstones and Shales: Unlocking the Promise – the multidisciplinary characterization, assessment and realization of gas and oil resources from U.S. and international mudstones and shales.

♦Siliciclastics: Advancing Research to Resource – a look at all aspects of siliciclastic research and reservoir characterization, including fluvial, shallow marine and deepwater settings, diagenesis and reservoir modeling.

♦Insight into Carbonates and Evaporite - dealing with carbonate and evaporate characterization (ancient and modern), carbonate reservoirs, diagenesis, reservoir modeling, seismic interpretation and oil and gas studies of carbonates.

♦Breakthroughs: Tectonics, Salt and Basin Analysis – a focus on basin analysis, petroleum systems and studies of structure and tectonics worldwide, including faulting styles and salt tectonics.

♦Integrating New Technology, Geophysics and Subsurface Data – an update on geology integrated with geophysics for E&P activities, including surface and subsurface GIS mapping technology.

♦ Energy and Environmental Horizons – featuring EMD-coordinated papers on alternative energy resources and DEG-coordinated papers on environmental geology. 

♦ The Next Geo-Generation: Who, What and Where – the trends and dynamics of young professionals (one-10 years) in the energy industry, including a focus on managing career development, attracting and retaining geoscience staffs and forecasting new career pathways.

Complementing those sessions will be a dynamic exhibition hall and a variety of networking opportunities.

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