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Student Expo Draws Record Crowd

The recent fall AAPG-SEG Student Expo gave attendees a chance to showcase their talents and network with friends and potential employers.
The recent fall AAPG-SEG Student Expo gave attendees a chance to showcase their talents and network with friends and potential employers.

The largest AAPG-SEG Student Expo to date attracted 385 attendees and representatives from 28 companies to the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston.

These students came from all over the country, eagerly seeking career opportunities in the oil and gas industry and taking advantage of the many short courses, field trips, industry interviews and, most importantly, the chance to learn/practice their networking skills.

The annual fall Expo, held in late September, was “an excellent gateway into the oil and gas industry for graduate students,” said AAPG Student member Kimberly Mead, a recent Vanderbilt University graduate who is now attending the University of Houston for her masters in geology.

“I signed up to present a poster, and submitted my resumé, not really knowing what to expect,” she said. “The week prior to the Expo my voicemail was flooded with interview requests – I had six interviews throughout the day, with companies ranging in size.

“I left as a more experienced interviewee, but also a more confident applicant,” Mead said. “I cannot imagine any other venue offering as much opportunity into the oil and gas industry as the AAPG Student Expo.

“My main piece of advice is to give a poster, even if it is not oil related,” she added. “Most of my interviews were based on my abstract, and my ability to talk through my research when standing by my poster.”

This year’s program included:

A Recruiter Panel Discussion, in which recruiters from several companies answered questions about what an interviewee might want to know before their interview session.

Some of the questions asked were “What job opportunities do I have with just a bachelors degree?” and “Is it still possible for me to get a job as an international student?”

The panel also presented students with a clearer idea of what most companies are seeking in their new hires.

Several field trips, to an Anadarko drilling rig, the nearby Gulf Coast and to Core Laboratories.

Several short courses, including a Schlumberger/WesternGeco Technology Day, plus courses from Shell and ExxonMobil.

Industry exhibits and interviews, plus the Kelly Scientific Resources Resumé Review, providing some tips on offering more effective resumés.

This year’s Student Expo poster session, which were academically “mind blowing!”

The winning posters were presented by:

  • First place ($750 prize) – AAPG Student member Jaydeep Ghosh, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala.
  • Second place ($500) – AAPG Student member Jacob Siegel, Rice University, Houston.
  • Third place ($300) – AAPG Student member Matthew Gatewood, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Keep watching for upcoming stories about some of the other Expo events including the Eastern Section Job Quest, the AAPG/SEG West Coast Student Expo and the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous.

Details and dates for future Expos – including the AAPG/SEG Spring Break Expo in Norman, Okla., in March, can be found at www.studentexpo.info.

Keep up with Student-related activities through the Student Outlook blog.

Learn about other Student Expos in your area.

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