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Dues Structure Considers Income

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Apparently, AAPG has a message that’s worth repeating.

In a recent survey of members being dropped for non-payment, over 50 percent of the respondents said – despite several articles and e-mailed messages to explain the program – they were unaware of AAPG’s graduated dues structure.

So, for the record: AAPG has a graduated dues structure – and has since 2008.

Unlike other organizations that tie annual dues to World Bank categories, AAPG dues are based on the individual member’s ability to pay, i.e. their Personal Gross Income in USD (PGI).

There are three levels of dues, based on a member’s PGI:

♦ Level 1 – $90 annually. This applies to all members earning greater than $50,000.

♦ Level 2 – $45 annually (50 percent savings). This applies to all members earning between $25,000-$50,000.

♦ Level 3 – $22.50 (75 percent savings). This applies to all members earning less than $25,000

Levels 1 and 2 who have mailing addresses outside of North America must also pay a mandatory $20 mail surcharge.

AAPG’s purpose in creationing this dues program was so that no geoscientist would be denied participation because of a financial situation.

The graduated dues structure is of particular importance to graduating students, whose dues previously were increased to the full rate(s) $90/$110 for the next fiscal year billing after graduation, regardless of their employment situation or financial difficulties.

With the graduated dues program, those who are seeking employment have the opportunity to maintain their membership with a maximum discount up to 75 percent!

As a cost savings measure to the organization, publication options are reflective for the level of dues paid.

All members receive the EXPLORER and BULLETIN as part of their monthly benefits – however, the default delivery method for the BULLETIN is online, with two semi-annual CDs.

♦ Level 1 members with mailing addresses outside North America have the option to choose PRINT delivery of the BULLETIN at no additional charge (they are already paying the mail surcharge); those with mailing addresses in North America may also choose print delivery of the BULLETIN, but they must pay an additional $10 mail surcharge.

♦ Level 2 members receive online access to the BULLETIN; they can opt to receive a PRINT version by paying the additional print copy fee ($30). Mail surcharge(s) as indicated above still apply.

♦ Level 3 members receive online access to both the EXPLORER and BULLETIN (no CDs).

Members receiving PRINT copies of the BULLETIN do not receive the CDs. However, they have the option to pay an additional fee of $45 to receive online access, print copy and semi-annual CD’s (plus applicable mail surcharge(s).

Members must qualify for the reduced dues – however, no proof is required of any member’s PGI. This system is honor-based and defined by our standards of professional conduct.

Members must qualify and request the lower rates annually; verification of the income level is required by initialing designated area on dues statement, or electronic signature for online payments.

Our staff is available to assist with any questions you may have; contact Member Services at (800) 364-2274, or (918) 584-2555.

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