AAPG, PTTC Combine for Online TECHPLACE

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

It’s all about the reservoir.

Every development geologist knows – once you find it, you have to produce it. And that sometimes presents some non-traditional challenges.

Since the early 1990s, The Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC) has bridged the gap between larger, technology-rich companies and the smaller operators who depend on partners and consultants for the latest technology. PTTC has been a conduit for government-sponsored research to the independent companies who operate in areas with marginal economics.

PTTC was designed to help the people who need it the most and – through a 20-year program of workshops, articles, newsletters and telephone services – PTTC has introduced thousands of “mom-and-pop” energy companies to new ideas for better production and best practices.

All that is now online.

TECHPLACE is a new online information resource provided by the PTTC and AAPG/Datapages. This cooperative effort captures and delivers technology insights from PTTC’s historical activities that can be used to make important technology decisions that positively affect your company’s bottom line.

TECHPLACE allows users to access workshop summaries and workshop notebooks, browse past issues of the PTTC Network News plus see upcoming PTTC and other events of interest.

A 12-month subscription to TECHPLACE is $195 – less than the cost of a single workshop. And users can search-and-purchase single workshop summaries via a pay-per-view option, without a subscription, at techplace.datapages.com.

The basic unit of the online service is the workshop summary. More than 1,500 workshops have been produced since PTTC began, and most of the information is still relevant today. More than 100 of these same workshop summaries have been condensed into executive summaries, which offer an overview of the same information in three to six pages and also are available.

All workshops are categorized into four main topic areas:

  • Exploration.
  • Reservoir and Development.
  • Operations and Production.
  • Drilling and Completion.

You may search the entire collection or hone your search to one of these categories.

TECHPLACE plans to grow by adding content, just like its older sibling, Datapages’ Combined Publications Archives database. Specializing in secondary and tertiary recovery, reservoir engineering and geological E&P subjects, TECHPLACE hopes to host a number of partner collections apart from the geoscience focus of Datapages’ other offerings. Check it out today at techplace.datapages.com.

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