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American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
The interface for accessing the Dibblee maps of California, now available online.
The interface for accessing the Dibblee maps of California, now available online.

Digital maps are the buzz today at AAPG.

Datapages is slowly changing the GIS-UDRIL program into a user-friendly format (more about that in a few months) and georeferenced files are being published more frequently. The AAPG Bookstore now offers selected map files for immediate download.

Of particular note from AAPG/Datapages are three series of mapping:

♦Dibblee Geological Maps of California.

Now you can pick from more than 350 geological quadrangles depicting California geology on a topographic base and representing years of detailed field research. Go to the AAPG Bookstore Home Page and browse the right column [Digital Files] under “Downloads – Dibblee Maps”.

The AAPG Bookstore is the official online distributor for digital copies of geologic maps of the Thomas Wilson Dibblee Jr. Map collection, as published by the Dibblee Geological Foundation at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. These digital maps are in the GeoPDF format, which provide the user the ability to view and/or export map layers to other applications.

Each map is priced at $22 and can be downloaded immediately.

The scale varies from 1:24,000 to 1:62,500 and features high-quality layered PDF created from the original mapping files. These include a U.S. Geological Survey topographic map overlay layer.

Maps are geo-registered to the four corners of each map using the original USGS overlay projection: (a) North American Datum 1927 (NAD 27), and (b) Universal Transverse Mercator Grid (UTM zone 10 or zone 11).

All maps are within the state of California and were field mapped by Thomas Wilson Dibblee Jr.

♦ AAPG geological highway maps.

All 12 maps in the original AAPG Geological Highway Map series have been scanned to PDF format and can be downloaded immediately from the online AAPG Bookstore. Go to the AAPG Bookstore Home Page and browse the right column [Digital Files] under “Downloads – Highway Maps”.

AAPG’s GIS Publications Committee has initiated a revision and update of the popular map series and plans for the first (revised) map to be published in 2010. AAPG member John Minch, of Santa Barbara, Calif., is serving as the map editor for the revisions.

Until they become available, the older editions are available online as a PDF file download.

Users will be able to print multiple copies from the PDF source document, where copies are needed for classroom use or for geological continuing education (for field trip use). Because the PDF file format adapts to any size printer, the user is limited only by the size of his printer and sheet.

Each high-resolution map (PDF format) costs $24.

♦AAPG/OSU Incised Valley Study files.

The AAPG Foundation (acting through the Boone Pickens Digital Geology Fund) funded research in late 2009 to produce a catalog of Incised Valley Fill (IVF) oil and gas fields worldwide. The research consortium members (AAPG/Datapages and Oklahoma State University’s department of geology) have targeted more than 100 IVF fields in their multi-year study. Each will be available upon completion via the AAPG Bookstore for a nominal user fee of $18 per study.

Each IVF record will consist of a source document (comprising the most useful reference) and a spreadsheet of field and/or reservoir information, which can be mapped using standard GIS tools.

All spreadsheets include latitude/longitude information.

All IVF records also include additional (best) images and maps from a variety of data sources.

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