Aggressive Outreach Furthers Education Efforts

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

An aggressive outreach effort by the Roswell Geological Society, supported in part by the AAPG Foundation, reached over 350 persons and resulted in the raising of over $56,000 to fund scholarships and further education efforts.

With a theme of “Educating Today’s Youth and Tomorrow’s Leaders,” the Roswell Society partnered with the New Mexico Landmen’s Association and the Desk and Derrick Club to sponsor several activities.

The effort’s centerpiece was a presentation by AAPG member Lee Gerhard on the “Geological Perspective of Global Climate Change,” which attracted over 230 persons to a dinner and about 100 students and teachers from five area high schools to an afternoon presentation.

The AAPG Foundation provided funds to present students with two booklets and a wall chart related to Gerhard’s presentation, as well as H. Leighton Steward’s book Fire, Ice and Paradise. Local libraries and teachers were given a copy of AAPG Studies #47 Geological Perspectives of Global Climate Change, edited by Gerhard.

Past AAPG president Edward K. David, of Roswell, said the funds raised by the effort were shared equally for the scholarship funds of the sponsors, plus two non-profit education organizations that operate statewide.

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