EMD: No Dues Required

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Earlier this year the AAPG and AAPG Energy Minerals Division executive committees approved the elimination of a separate charge for EMD membership – a move that represents a significant new additional AAPG membership benefit.

To become an EMD member, one simply needs to indicate this interest by clicking a box in their revised online AAPG profile or by checking a box on their membership renewal statement.

Becoming an AAPG EMD member allows access to a wealth of technical, geological and related information on the full range of energy resource commodities.

This information is made available within each EMD Commodity webpage, and also is searchable by AAPG’s Search and Discovery database and the EMD’s Web Portal, which serves to integrate the exploration and development of the EMD commodities with the associated Division of Environmental Geosciences technical information on environmental geosciences, as well as the professional and ethical considerations involved in the Division of Professional Affairs.

Come see what EMD is all about – it’s now no cost with your AAPG membership.

EMD was created by the AAPG in 1977, specifically to provide technical geological information on energy resources ranging from uranium, coal and geothermal energy and to “unconventional” energy resources that now range from coalbed methane to gas hydrates, gas shales, tight gas sands, oil sands and oil shales.

Many of these energy resources (not “conventional” oil and gas resources) have now become important resources in the U.S. energy picture and deserve careful attention by a currently realized large portion of the geological community that belongs to the AAPG. Hence the basis for the removal of the dues structure for the AAPG Energy Minerals Division.

These energy resource fields are technically challenging to explore and exploit efficiently and require additional significant levels of scientific characterization and exploitation technology not normally utilized in conventional hydrocarbon exploration.

The AAPG Energy Minerals Division helps to provide and fill this need for advanced technical information, either in the form of literature and publications or short-courses and organizational support of conferences and sessions such as provided by the annual and regional AAPG conferences, as approved by the AAPG leadership. 

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The Energy Minerals Division (EMD), a division of AAPG, is dedicated to addressing the special concerns of energy resource geologists working with energy resources other than conventional oil and gas reservoirs, providing a vehicle to keep abreast of the latest developments in the geosciences and associated technology. EMD works in concert with the Division of Environmental Geoscientists (DEG), which serves environmental geologists working on projects associated with the oil & gas industry.

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