Lost It? Mangled It? AAPG Store Can Help

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

There are many reasons business people need to have receipts to prove a purchase – proving business expenditures for tax purposes, for example, or for proving use of personal funds on expense reports that need reimbursement.

And it is very inconvenient when you have closed your browser window only to find your receipt has gone missing.

Admit it – there have been times you have purchased an education course and lost your confirmation. Or you made an online purchase and thought you printed your receipt, only to find it is now lost in cyberspace.

Or possibly your co-worker picked it up and “filed” it in the trash not knowing it was yours.

Or ever spilled a beverage on one?

But when these things happen to you regarding an AAPG expense, our “View Previous Orders” function now becomes a valuable feature on the AAPG Store.

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When you first go to the store the receipt button is not visible. It requires you to identify yourself before it knows whose orders to display. Of course, this is the same as clicking on “Login” and providing your information to the server.

Once there you can click on this history button and find there every electronic purchase or transaction you have made with AAPG: dues, electronic downloads, education events, products, etc.

Each purchase is clearly identified and includes the date. But, the most important things to look for here are just above each detail followed by a printer icon and an email icon. They are “Confirmation” and “Receipt.”

With both options (print/email) you are able to preview what you are about to do.

“Print” shows you the copy that will be printed for you. You may actually print it or save it to your computer as a PDF for attaching later.

The email window allows you to dictate the email address to send your receipt to. So, if your company is going paperless, you may send a copy to yourself, your accounting department and your supervisor. Just separate each email with a comma.

Or you can email to yourself only and then forward to the appropriate people.

Good browsing!

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